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Growing our content libraries

As the number and prevalence of digital platforms has multiplied, the demand for suitable content has also risen strongly. This has particularly been the case during the COVID-19 pandemic when the scale of consumption saw large growth. The variety of content required across platforms and retailers has also widened  but has created a problem for the digital platforms in particular in that they have had to transact with a larger number of providers.

At Amcomri Entertainment, our movie production business as well as our Movie, TV and Documentary distribution businesses, we have invested in growing our content availability specifically to the markets in which we operate. We have also focused on the internationalisation of Canadian content such as [      ] and [     ] some of which is now available across the world through Amcomri’s network,

The local focus and dominant position of 101 Films and Abacus Media Rights in the UK market means that they are able to provide an expert distribution service for independent content producers from around the world.