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Through a number of key strategic acquisitions and new business formations, Amcomri Entertainment Inc. is a rapidly growing media content group aimed at providing the most extensive global distribution network for independent Film, TV and Documentary content as well as supporting independent productions in all areas through our companies. With skills in financing, production and distribution through our own content production team, Amcomri is best placed to understand the needs of independent producers in this fast-changing world.

As the UK’s fastest growing independent film distribution brand, 101 Films has always offered some of the best cult classics and restored masters including those classics distributed through its 101 Black label.

Following its acquisition by Amcomri Entertainment in 2016, 101 Films has broadened its offering across the independent production landscape and offers both physical and digital film distribution within the UK and Ireland.

With strong relationships across the physical and digital distribution landscape, 101 Films is best-placed to acquire rights and deliver the best exposure across its markets. With a library containing 1,800 titles, 101 Films is a good source of quality content for the growing number of digital platforms operating in the UK and Irish markets.

During 2022 101 Films plans to establish itself in the US distribution market with the launch of Left Behind –  Rise of the Antichrist into that market.


Having fallen into Administration following a period of difficult trading, the business and assets of Metrodome and Palisades Tartan were acquired by Amcomri Entertainment. The extensive library content of both Metrodome and Palisades Tartan is now offered for distribution through 101 Films as part of its overall library of over 1,800 titles.

The acquisition of these iconic British distributors was the first of a number of library acquisitions by Amcomri and its subsidiaries which forms a large part of the corporate strategic push into the content market.


101 Films International, created by Amcomri Entertainment in 2018, is an international sales agency with a large network of trusted distribution partners around the world.

101 Films International can support commercially-driven feature films at all stages of the production process. As well as maximising the audience for completed independent productions on a worldwide basis, 101 International can arrange for the pre-sale of unfinished content into our network of highly-regarded, ‘bankable’ distributors in order to fulfil the requirements of banks and other production financing entities.


Amcomri Entertainment acquired the business and assets of Hollywood Classics in 2016 from the Administrators of its parent company.

Re-incorporated as Hollywood Classics International Limited, the company originally acted as the international selling agent for key Hollywood studio archives from the likes of Paramount, Warner Bros and Twentieth Century Fox.  Recent expansion has meant that HCI has added Universal Pictures to its roster and can now offer the same international services to the whole range of independent catalogues for both physical and digital distribution.


Originally established in Toronto, Canada as Amcomri Film Partners, Amcomri Productions was set up to help fund independent productions in certain situations including the provision of POP funding as well as production financing.

Securing the attachment of talent such as Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Wesley Snipes and Guy Pearce, Amcomri Film Partners helped many independent producers get their movies into production. Amcomri Productions provided POP financing for productions such as She Never Died. In the meantime, Bridge Financing from Amcomri Film Partners helped fill the gap in production funding for others including the remake of the David Cronenberg classic, Rabid

More recently, Amcomri Productions has completed a number of feature films for Amcomri Entertainment including Take Back, Every Last One of Them (starring Oscar-winner Richard Dreyfuss) and Code of Silence. In December 2021, Amcomri Productions finished shooting in Calgary, Canada of the latest in the Left Behind series. With a budget of almost $5m,  Left Behind – Rise of the Antichrist which is due for theatrical release in mid-2022, is Amcomri’s most ambitious production project to date.

Through Abacus Media Rights, Amcomri Productions has also provided direct funding into a large number of documentary and TV productions including Behind the Blood, In the Footsteps of Killers, Informer, Murder in Badlands, Suge Knight and My Name is Bulger.


In early 2020, Amcomri Media Group established Abacus Media Rights alongside experienced industry executive Jonathan Ford to provide a global distribution solution for TV series and documentaries. New rights are being acquired on a weekly basis for worldwide distribution and the business already holds the rights to 1,600 hours of content.

With strong acquisition and distribution networks, Abacus Media Rights is quickly gaining a reputation as a top distribution partner for scripted and non-scripted content. With the ability to provide suitable income guarantees, Abacus has also become involved directly in the financing of a large number of productions which it then also distributes on a worldwide basis.